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Let's break the ice


Are you a BOXR? Boxed, but never been to BOXR? What’s a camp? What exactly am I sculpting? Power? Punch 2.0? What happened to Punch 1.0? Is it a cult?

As soon as you step into our space you are part of our family, the #BOXRmob, and we have your back. You will have the answers to the above questions and then some!

We know that stepping out of your comfort zone can be nerve-wracking. What do you wear? Where do you park? How do the lockers work? What gear is needed? Who’s the cutest instructor? We’ll help you with the first few and let you decide on the last one.

We Recommend:

  • Arrive early for your first class. 30 minutes before class begins is ideal. First timers, arriving with 10 minutes or less before class start, may not have enough time to properly prepare.


  • Bring indoor shoes. Bare foot is permitted when stretching, but we strongly recommend shoes.


  • Bring a water bottle or grab one of ours from our BOXR bites kitchen.


  • Glove rental is on its way. Our rental gloves are premium, leather gloves. Our rental gloves rival the quality of premium boxing gloves on the market. We also have a very fancy glove dryer so gloves are sanitized and fresh for you. However, bring your own gloves if you like!


  • You’ll need hand wraps. These go on your hands before you put gloves on. Hand wraps are a one time purchase of £10 and up (depending on the style you choose). You can wash and re-use these for a long time!


  • Watch this How To Wrap Your Hands video! Our instructors and staff are also available to help wrap your hands. Numbers permitting. Wrapping hands takes less than 1 minute when you’re experienced but can take 5+ minutes if you are just learning. Our slip-on wraps cut that time down to 10 seconds!


  • Do sign up through Mind Body so that your waiver is already filled out, to save yourself paperwork at the front desk.


  • Wear whatever you’d like to sweat in. Shorts? Sure. Leather vest? Cool. Or, shop some of our BOXR gear!


  • Bring some extra change to take advantage of our BOXR Bites Kitchen! Coffee, juice and shake bar. Fuel up with protein after a workout so that you can reap the benefits of your hard work.

We also do Personal Training

You know where you want to go. Maximise your training and get there fast with Personal Training.

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More than fitness. Experience a group workout that's bigger than a body type. SCULPT 🍑 PUNCH 🥊 RIDE 🚳 on the same frequency with us. All are welcome and each class is suitable for beginners through to advanced.

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