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Personal Training

Personal Training

It costs to feel good

Personal Training/ Boxing Specific Training

From elite sport to physical therapy, our trainers bring their experience to help you reach your goals. Access the expertise you need, from weight training and muscle activation to pre and post-natal fitness to strength and conditioning.

Boxing specific training 

Take your fitness to a new level and learn the basics. BOXR instructors are experienced boxers and vary from national level fighters, professional athletes.

They’ve been around the block; they’ve been inside the ring. They know how to coax the fighter out of you. They won’t let a hangnail hold you back. They will level up your boxing game and help achieve your sport and fitness goals, no matter how big or small.



Single session


5 sessions


10 sessions


Free consultation? No, we insist

For new members: BOXR doesn’t believe in inductions. Instead, during a focused 30-min session, we’ll comprehensively assess where you are physically and advice an approach to help you get where you want to be. This is our complimentary pledge to help you achieve maximum results with maximum efficiency.

Group training more your thing?

Sure, we get it, you want to break yourself in gently. Try one of our bootcamp classes to get your training up and running.

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More than fitness. Experience a group workout that's bigger than a body type. SCULPT 🍑 PUNCH 🥊 RIDE 🚳 on the same frequency with us. All are welcome and each class is suitable for beginners through to advanced.

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