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It costs to feel good

Standard Packages

You’ll need wraps and gloves for your PUNCH 2.0/GRL PWR/ JNR classes. You can bring your own or we can hook you up before class.

  • Wraps (yours to keep) £10
  • Glove Rental (Coming January 2018)
  • Alkaline Bottled Water (600ml) £1.50

Be ready at the studio 5 minutes before your session begins, or risk punishment by burpees.

Bailout on a booked session less than 12 hours before or no show and you’ll lose the session. No exceptions.

Fresh Meat


Includes two BOXR classes and a set of BOXR branded wraps or a shake of your choosing in BOXR Bites Kitchen.

BOXR tip: Try different instructors across different concepts: Punch 2.0, Sculpt, Energy & more…

*Expires 30 days from purchase date

1 session


*Expires 30 days from purchase date

5 sessions


*Expires 45 days from purchase date

10 sessions


*Expires 3 months from purchase date

20 sessions


*Expires 6 months from purchase date

BOXR Pass Pricing

The BOXR Pass is a non-contract re-occurring payment that allows the user access to a set number of classes, at a significant discount to individual classes being purchased on a pay-as-you-train basis.

All passes are valid for one calendar month from the date they are purchased, and automatically renew unless canceled. No minimum cancellation period. You can purchase extra classes within that month depending on the type of pass.


For new members: BOXR doesn’t believe in inductions. Instead, during a focused session, depending on membership, we comprehensively assess where you are physically and advice an approach to help you get where you want to be. This is our complimentary pledge to help you achieve maximum results with maximum efficiency.



Lightweight Camp-Pain-4 holders are entitled to 4 camps per month. The LCP can be canceled without notice, and top up sessions are available from reception at £14.



Middleweight Camp-Pain-8 holders are entitled to 8 camps per month. The MCP can be canceled without notice, and top up sessions are available from reception at £13.

HCP-12 / £125 PER MONTH


Heavyweight Camp-Pain-12 holders are entitled to 12 camps per month. The HCP can be canceled without notice, and top up sessions are available from reception at £12.

UCP-Unlimited / £195 PER MONTH


Unlimited Pass holders can book up to 7 sessions per week. Unlimited Camp-Pain holders are entitled to 7 camps per week. The UCP can be canceled without notice.

JNR/ Young Guns


JNR-Pass holders are entitled to 1 camp per week. The JNR-Pass can be canceled without notice.

We also do Personal Training

You know where you want to go. Maximise your training and get there fast with Personal Training.

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North London’s premier multi-fitness establishment. Boxing/HIIT group training, that combines real functional/boxing movement in an inspired environment, led by London’s best instructors. All are welcome and each class is suitable for beginners through to advanced boxers/athletes.


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