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S C U L P T +

slow it down and get sculpted

What to expect

A new concept incorporating the foundations of SCULPT creating a 60-minute, weighted session focusing on technique, form and muscle stamina. Targeting the lower body specifically but working every muscle group in tandem.

Intensity 70%
Difficulty 70%
Burn 70%
Fun factor 100%

Who's SCULPT + for?

SCULPT + was designed to work collectively with our other camps helping you achieve your 360* approach to training. Join our leading ladies as we slow it down and get sculpted.

0Calories burned
0People max
0BPM max heart rate

Ready to get involved?

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BOXR is a specialist training facility that provides a challenging and safe place to enjoy your training. Our results-based approach takes all the guesswork away by giving you everything you need to improve the way you look, feel, and perform

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