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We don't bite

We're loving the crew

HIIT, boxing, spin, weight pumping, functional training, yoga and all kinds of circuits… an inexhaustible supply of ways to exhaust yourself, all run by an army of instructors who are experts in making you knackered.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise. All our trainers are certified and respected within the fitness industry. Between us we cover every aspect of fitness training, and our classes use trainers specific to that discipline.

All in all, we’re loving the crew!


Rez 'Baradi' Barad

CEO and founder of BOXR


Head Trainer

BOXR’s very own Mr.Possible. If he’s not training, we’re worried! Innovation is his thing, if you don’t believe us, we’ll let his ENERGY camps do the talking!


Robert 'Rob' Luca

Head of Hospitality

Our very own Harry Potter. Doesn't believe in taking life too seriously!


Ciara 'Sculpt Queen' Madden

Head of Sculpt

Meet our peachy perfect Sculpt Queen, Ciara. Founder of our Sculpt series and renowned for leaving your glutes in bits.


George Fox

Co-founder & Proffesional BOXR

Don 'The Godfather' Charles


The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Sir Don Charles, Master of the Punch and BOXR’s original Godfather.

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Jessica Southcot

Sculpt X trainer

Don't let the innocent smile fool you, this little lady packs a punch! Meow


Ian 'Jab-meister' Duberry

Master Trainer

Mr. Smooth. The old school boxing veterans showing the young ones how it's done.


Lawrence Tackie

Personal Trainer

Don’t let his smile fool you, he’s a mean ass trainer and takes slacking very seriously. Did we mention he's BOXR's own resident DJ’s too?


Sinead Eaton

Sculpt & Personal Trainer

Number 1 Rule for mother-hood: "Thou shalt never skip leg day, as one must lunge after their child everyday"

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Davide Infantino

Personal Trainer

If professionalism, athleticism and drive is your thing, you could learn a thing or two from our very own Italian Stallion and leading Personal Trainer.


Sophie Hardy


Legend has it - Duracell batteries run on Sophie hardy ... Well, she’s Hard-L-y ever low on energy! Rumour has it she bleeds red bull and when she coughs - you can see particles of caffeine floating in the air

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Dominic Jackson

Personal Trainer

He's a lean mean positive machine! Always goes above and beyond for his clients and his emphasis on technique is second to none!


Les Freeman

Boxing Coach

Who said boxing can't be fun! He'll have you punching yourself into a new body.


Monae Crick

Personal Trainer

Jason Stack

Personal Trainer

Mr cool. He's been around the block and done it all. Father. Trainer. Group Training Coach and all round nice guy.


Ajose 'The Gun' Olusegun

Boxing Coach

He actually wanted to be a basketballer until he was beaten up by a girl. This led him to the boxing ring. If you’re brave enough for a spar you better bring the tekkers.



Master Trainer

Old school is the new school! The trainer's trainer! He's probably forgotten more about fitness/ health than the average person ever will!


Katie W

Personal Trainer

Don't let the innocent smile fool you, this little lady packs a punch! Meow

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Devon Williams

Personal Trainer

He puts the "fun into Functional training and the "Pain" into a Pain-free workout!

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At BOXR we aim for more than just fitness. It’s being part of a lifestyle. A tribe. An experience. We believe in strength in numbers.  The power of community and being part of something bigger.

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