The biggest and sweatiest party in town!

A hybrid of Energy and Punch


Giving a new meaning to when the DJ says “put your hands in the air”!

Because now you can get your gloves on and PUNCH as high or as low as you can … all to the sweet sounds of a crazy LIVE DJ… in our boxing ring!

You won’t know whether it’s your round at the bar or your round by the bags!

Only once per week and what better day than THURSDAY…. (It is the new Friday after all no?)


You’ll be taken through a host of feel-good excercises whilst vibing to your favourite tunes mixed to by our LIVE DJ in the ring.

A minimum of 2/3 instructors to make sure you’re getting all the attention you need!

Intensity 80%
Difficulty 70%
Burn 80%
After feeling 100%


You’ll need wraps, gloves and bottled water for our Beatbox classes. You can bring your own or we can hook you up before class, (please arrive 20 minutes prior to class if you are new to BOXR)

  • Wraps (yours to keep) £10
  • Glove Rental £1
  • Bottled Water £1.50
0Calories burned
0People max
0Hip Hop/ Rap

Ready to get involved?

Details & Info

Duration: This class is around 60 minutes long.
Times: Please refer to our schedule!
What to bring: We always recommend bringing your own gloves! Alternatively, you can rent a pair of our professional gloves. Wraps are £10, and yours to keep!