P U N C H 

we don’t just hiit, we punch


Led by our experienced boxing coaches. Smash your way through a high-intensity 60 minute, full-body workout emphasizing on all the technical elements of boxing.

The hype surrounding boxing is rapidly growing with the help of recent multi-million Hollywood blockbusters, Southpaw and Creed. Boxing is now becoming a fundamental part of the training regiment of many supermodels, such as Adriana Lima, Gigi Hadid and David Gandy, the latter having trained at our facilities. We have previously housed current world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and continue to be the base for Derek Chisora, Roger Gracie and Frank Buglioni as well as numerous other professional athletes. 


The ultimate boxing workout. Our full-body PUNCH classes will work you form top-to-toe. A mixture of bag work, body weighted excercises and AMRAPs will have you torching calories whilst learning how to box.



Intensity 80%
Difficulty 70%
Burn 80%
After feeling 100%


You’ll need wraps, gloves and bottled water for PUNCH classes. You can bring your own or we can hook you up before class, (please arrive 20 minutes prior to class if you are new to boxing)

  • Wraps (yours to keep) £10
  • Glove Rental £1
  • Bottled Water £1.50
0Calories burned
0People max
0Hip Hop/ Rap

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Details & Info

Duration: This class is around 60 minutes long.
Times: Please refer to our schedule!
What to bring: We always recommend bringing your own gloves! Alternatively, you can rent a pair of our professional gloves. Wraps are £10, and yours to keep!