Teenage boxing

What to expect

11.30am on Saturdays, we open our space to the future, the young ones with the energy and drive. ✊🏽

Teenage boxing for 12-17-year-olds, led by our very experienced youth boxing coach Neon Samuels and team + the occasion drop-in of heavyweight superstar Dereck Chisora assisting mold the next generation!

Intensity 70%
Difficulty 70%
Burn 70%
Fun factor 100%

Are you ready?

During a Rookie-2-Rocky kids boxing class, your child will develop an understanding of boxing combinations while improving coordination, strength, flexibility and overall fitness. Don’t worry, R-2-R classes promise to get your tiny BOXR fit without getting hit. This program is non-contact and led by professional boxing instructors with 5+ years experience in leading youth boxing classes.

0Calories burned
0People max
0BPM max heart rate

Ready to get involved?

Details & Info

Duration: This class lasts 60 minutes long.
Times: Refer to our schedule!
What to bring: Gloves and wraps. Also available in studio for purchase!