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Together is always better

At BOXR we aim for more than just fitness. It’s being part of a lifestyle. A tribe. An experience. We believe in strength in numbers.  The power of community and being part of something bigger.

A lot of thoughts gone into the people we hire, the beats dropping from our club quality sound systems, and all 50+ classes we run every single week. This is no run-of-the-treadmill fitness facility. We’ve built our name on doing things differently, through training concepts unique to us. Understanding what people really want – and just making life and fitness that bit more exciting.

Boxing, HIIT, weight pumping, spin and all kinds of functional circuits… an inexhaustible supply of ways to exhaust yourself, all run by our army of instructors who are experts in making you knackered.

Come see why we’re Londons worst kept secret and why


Don't just take our word for it...

ENERGY – Saeid R

It was my first class and I thought it was great. Really tough for a beginner like me as they work you hard but I’d definitely go again.

SCULPT: SWEAT – Ciara Madden

I cannot recommend this class enough!

PUNCH – George Fox

Fab fab fab class! Best punch yet x


Amazing class! Up there with 1rebel and metabolic I nearly died!!!

RIDE 45 – Lawrence Tackie

The most incredible class. I never enjoyed spin until this class. Lawrence has so much energy and always has a smile on his face. I’m addicted

SCULPT: SWEAT – Ciara Madden

Ciara is amazing the class is the best I’ve been to

RIDE 45 – Lawrence Tackie

The best spin class I have ever been to! Step out the soul cycle!

ENERGY: THE GAMES! – Rez & Saeid, Gruesome Twosome! .

A different kind of class that for sure requires some drive, the games was challenging, competitive and overall a great workout!

BEAT-BOX ft LIVE DJ: JSN – Rez Barad

Great class, trainers were excellent! Really lively and big calorie burner!


Best class I’ve ever been to!! Ciara was fantastic, all the exercises were challenging and we were really motivated to push ourselves. Playlist amazing, gym was brilliant. Please open one in south London!


Great class. Use of heavier weights which was challenging. Will definitely return

PUNCH – Don Charles

Wicked session. Trainer brought the variety and intensity, very impressive session. I invited a guest who was very impressed and will be returning next week.

ENERGY – Jess Southcott

Brilliant class, always varied and Jess is a fab coach.

RIDE 45 – Melvin Mania

Melvin always pushes you to your limit. Always guaranteed a great workout with him!!!

ENERGY – Saeid R

Pushes me harder than I ever could in a normal workout, loving these sessions!

SCULPT : 50/50 – Sophie Hardy

Amazing class Sophie is such a great trainer


Rez was a great Instructor and I enjoyed my first time and he made sure I was ok

Jasmin Patel

SCULPT: SWEAT – Jess Southcott

Amazing class!!!!!! Literally going to make it a weekly reoccurrence as it was so good! Monae and Jess absolutely killed it, so upbeat and such different variation of exercises, it went so quick!

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At BOXR we aim for more than just fitness. It’s being part of a lifestyle. A tribe. An experience. We believe in strength in numbers.  The power of community and being part of something bigger.

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